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I cannot thank Steven enough for sorting out my foot issue. As an avid Walker and walk leader for Walking for Health I have been suffering with my left foot for many years which became very painful after just half an hour of walking, the burning sensation was unbearable. A fellow walker recommended Steven to me and I am so pleased I went because now I can walk forever thanks to the treatment and orthotics he made for me.
I went to see Mr Dowdeswell in October 1019,having a painful lesion on my right foot.
I had been in pain for 8 weeks,and thinking it was a verruca I had tried every “ over the counter” treatment available.
I was unable to put my foot to the floor and was crying with pain.
Mr Dowdeswell was exceptionally kind,professional,gentle and courteous.
He was unsure what the lesion was but thought it may be a verruca.
After a couple of weeks he treated it with the microwave machine and in 8 weeks I was pain free and able to walk.
He then discussed the other lifelong problems I have had with my feet.
He suggested having prosthetics in my shoes.
I now stand up straight,my feet ,knees and hips no longer hurt and I feel I have been given a new lease of life.
I am so thankful to this wonderful,gentle,humble ,compassionate man.
His care and treatment has been second to none and I will always be very thankful.
Susan Astley
After almost three years of severe foot pain, seeing several different podiatrists and physiotherapists to no avail and on the brink of giving up the two hobbies I love (walking and golf) I went to see Steven Dowdeswell, the Foot Doctor. I am so glad that I did. Within five weeks of my first appointment I am now back enjoying my golf, and walking better than I have done for years. Steven assessed my problem straight away and after scanning my feet, made me some Precision Orthotics, which are comfortable to wear and fit well in my shoes – they also work, unlike all the others I have had over the years!
Steven is an expert in his field, is kind, caring, with a sense of humour and he genuinely wants to help you achieve the best results possible. I would highly recommend Steven as I think if he cannot help to relieve your problems then no one can.
I would like to thank Steven for his support in addressing my foot issue. I cannot fault the service, very friendly, professional and caring. Full explanations given when questions are asked. I had to cancel my appointment at very short notice a few weeks ago and rearrange. Felt awful but the ladies who took my message were very reassuring and booked me back in as soon as an appointment became available. Without the service offered by the Foot Doctor I would have been left going through the NHS system and doubt very much if I would have been seen by a specialist very quickly. I can't thank you all enough! Would definitely recommend this service to anyone experiencing any foot issues.
A caring approach delivered with a sense of humour. Steve strives to provide a solution in spite of my complex feet! I have been having regular treatments for 18 months andwould recommended wholeheartedly.
I am really delighted at the results following the treatment of my daughters Verrucas.
We had tried everything from freezing to creams and nothing was working. We weren't aware that verrucas and warts are a virus and can be treated by stimulating the bodies natural resistance to them. After one treatment on her verrucas after 3 or 4 weeks they had almost completely disappeared.
The treatment to the wart on her finger has also been very effective and after one treatment and only a week or two we can see the wart disappearing.
Exceptional treatment and results, we would highly recommend Shropshire Foot Specialists. Thank you very much.
“We found Precision Orthotics on the internet and after speaking to Steve realised he was highly experienced in treating feet and Orthotic making.

My surgeon told me I needed good custom orthotics for my knee and ankle tendon (Posterior Tibial Tendon). It is a bit of a drive, but Steve has made me fantastic orthotics. His prescription is so good I can play squash for the 1st time in years...although he has told me not to!!

We have visited again for my wife to have a custom orthotic insole made as-well. Nice young man and looks after us
I had bad foot pain to the balls of my feet after walking more than 12 miles. Steven suggested that my feet were under a lot of pressure at the balls but that is sounded like nerve compression in my back. I had been tested at hospital recently and the consultant said it was fine and not caused by my nerve trapped.

I was happy to have custom orthotics made anyway to reduce my foot fatigue and stop even some pain. Steven made them up and I walked around the lakes that next week. They were great but only helped my pain a bit. When I was back he had me walk and come in when the feet were sore.

We then numbed my feet with an injection, but they still hurt!! This was because my nerve was trapped and after referral and letters from Steven the hospital injected my back and it is a lot better. My feet are comfortable and supported and my back is better now. Really knows his stuff on feet!
I visited Mr Dowdeswell out of desperation. My heel was horrendously painful and I had been told to take painkillers by my doctor and my X-Ray scheduled for 6 weeks time. I could not walk or sleep!

After a history was taken I was sent to A&E by Mr Dowdeswell. But was sent home with a crutch and pain killers again.

Mr Dowdeswell called to ask if I was ok the next day and after hearing what had happened, he took me to casualty himself and insisted that I was seen by a bone doctor. They X-Rayed my foot and it was broken. I had a cast and was helped out by Mr Dowdeswell for no benefit, he would not even have petrol money from me! I am very grateful and they really helped me out compassionately.
“I saw an advert in the local magazine and gave it a call, as I had Heel pain that was severe and had been with me for 5 months. The guy that answered the phone was Steve Dowdeswell. He knew his job and I could tell straight away.

I agreed to visit him for consultation, where I found an enthusiastic knowledgeable man. He knew exactly what was wrong and unlike the doctors and NHS physiotherapist, he knew how to put it right.

My option was Steroid injection and orthotics. Or orthotics. Special stretches and other self help was explained.

As I was scheduled for a 50 mile charity walk in 3 weeks, Mr Dowdeswell would not use an injection, in case I injured myself further.

He explained that the cause of the problem had to be stopped, in order for my feet to heal. Apparently I had a wonky walking style and foot type. The orthotics I thought expensive until he explained what was entailed and I remembered what my wife spends at the hairdressers!!

All I can say is that within three weeks I was 95% pain free and it has stayed that way. Steven did say that I was lucky that we had caught it in time though or it would take more time to mend. I have now bought 3 pairs of orthotics from them. At the time I did not realise the level of expertise, but as I attended review appointments it became apparent that these guys in Telford produce orthotics for top athletes and Harley street clinics. An asset to the area.
“My right ankle was unstable and the foot really painful underneath. After visiting the NHS over a 12 month period, I ended up buying and adjusting insoles from online, but they only helped a bit. I did think it could be put right though.

Research on the internet led me to the foot specialist Steve Dowdeswell. Upon seeing my home made insoles he was really impressed.apparently I had done a decent job!

He explained how by foot posture and bow leg was making my ankle unstable and I agreed to him manufacturing my devices. This time on engineering systems and milling machines! The professional design and experience is superb. The 1st Pair were great, but Steve was not happy with them and made an adjusted pair that were spot on. My ankle is stable, I play golf and walk pain free.
“We travelled to see Mr Dowdeswell on the advice of a Foot Surgeon. Apparently I needed custom insoles or orthotics and the type and quality were variable, so it was important to visit a full time specialist.

As an engineer I am used to painful feet from standing all day, but as Steven pointed out the years of rugby and running injuries had taken a toll. My arch pain and big toe joints were very bad. After an examination my feet were scanned by laser and specialist custom orthotics prescribed.

I still get some aches but it is significantly better, I no longer struggle through the day! As I was told by both the Doctor and Mr Dowdeswell the damage that has been done can’t be reversed, but prevention and reduction is my pain is all I care about.”
“My Chiropodist advised I visit Steven Dowdeswell in Hortonwood for specialist insoles as the balls of my feet hurt rather badly. I had corns also.

Steven was very kind and scanned my joints and found a damaged ligament after years of walking and standing at work. I could not walk over 2 miles when I visited and I wanted to be part of the walking club again at the age of 68!

After discussing my options my only real choice was orthotics or custom insoles. Steven Made them for me, I was apprehensive as I still work and money is a consideration. But I can say that it was excellent value and this young gentleman really looked after me.

I could work in comfort and within 6 weeks walk 12 miles on a weekend with no pain. My dog chewed one insole and so I took it in expecting a large bill and they actually refurbished both insoles like new FOC. Really could not do more to help us and glad that my chiropodist knew of him.
“I visited Mr Dowdeswell upon recommendation.

With a leg length difference and a flat foot I have used orthotics for years to stop the pain.

The orthotics prescribed, made and fitted in Telford surpass any to date. My symptom relief was significantly better than I thought possible. Since my visits I have been able to exercise fully and lose weight. Something that I could not do before. The orthotics service is prescribed by an expert. As explained, Steven Prescribes, designs and makes the orthotics for himself and other specialists around the country.

Very down to earth and reliable.”
“I have suffered from sore feet for many years and tried various orthotics and insoles, including NHS made devices that were terrible!

Visiting Steven has given me comfort and also ankle stability. The peace of mind and ability to walk correctly and without twisting my ankle is fantastic. I can walk my dogs without worry and my day to day life has opened back up.

I actually had to have several alterations made, but the additional time and adjustments was never mention, it was entirely about getting me right. A genuine service”.
I have recently returned from holiday and had what I thought was simply Athletes Foot Fungal infection. Steve Dowdeswell at The Shropshire Foot Specialists was highly recommended to me, by my Niece. Initially I had visited a Chiropodist who had told me to talk to my feet as treatment!

Steven is extremely relaxed by nature and helped me take my shoes and socks of as the foot hurt a lot. He found a little athletes foot that should have been treated properly with a medical cream. But to my horror the reason for my pain and swollen foot was a Bacterial Infection. I had Cellulitis a soft tissue infection. Steven gently cleansed my feet and used sterile dressings and Betadine ointment. Then importantly issue me with Antibiotics straight away.

I was better within days and the price was only fractionally more than visiting a general chiropodist.

Highly recommended.
A friend recommended i visit Steve Dowdeswell at the Shropshire Foot Specialists whilst playing golf. I had reached the stage of giving up and was going to consider seriously reducing my twice weekly games to an occasional summer round. At the point of calling Steve my toe joint underneath was bad enough to prevent me from walking around the shops in town. All that pain from a small joint!

An injury to the ligament and capsule around an arthritic joint was diagnosed quickly, more than the doctor had done when giving me countless pain tablets. Steve assessed me walking and standing. It was then that he commented upon my flat feet and “Charlie Chaplin” walking style (His words). He used a scanner to cast my foot and make Custom Inserts. I did not realise that he was a true expert in his field and has a company that consults and supplies Braces and Orthotics to Medical practices around the country, but it was great to find this ingenuity in Telford on my doorstep.

I required 4 adjustments to the Medical Insoles over a month, all included in the price. As promised I am 90% better and last week played 3 rounds of golf. Steven did offer me a steroid injection at a latter point if required. But I can say that the improvement is remarkable. One point I would note is that the art and science behind this is very fine, I was amazed how a few millimeters of alteration could affect my symptoms and it is that expertise and time that i was happy to pay for and happy to recommend.

Fantastic, caring company.
My right foot and ankle has been steadily deteriorating after an injury 5 years ago. It reached the stage where the cheap insoles I had to purchase every month were of no use and I could not stand or walk with pain relief. It was my wife who literally forced through the door of Mr Dowdeswell, the Foot Specialist in Telford. I had given up as the doctor and physiotherapist had said it required urgent surgery, which is not an option as i have to work!
Steven quickly identified that I had injured a tendon behind the ankle, he was confident at helping and i felt at ease when he could tell me that he deals with dozens of similar injuries each year.

An ultrasound scan showed him the problem, and he explained that the injury had caused my foot to collapse and all the pain to the arch and ankle stemmed from the same tendon problem!! A 3D scanner captured a model of my foot and he personally design Special Orthotic inserts for my foot and specific injury. This took two 30 minute consults a week apart.

The 1st Pair had to be adjusted, on the same day. The revised Precision Made Orthotics were extremely beneficial to say the least. Steven has told me that surgery is still a possibility in the next 5 years. But i can walk with 80% reduction of pain, the swelling has all but gone and the tendon is now working again. For reference the orthotics were made for posterior tibial dysfunction and were manufactured by The Foot Specialists in their own laboratory. The technology and experience works.

A true gent and I happily refer my own customers and friends.
I visited Mr Dowdeswell, Telford Podiatrist in June after months of foot pain and physiotherapy and doctors appointments. I was due to have an injection for a Morton’s Neuroma the following week with the NHS Physiotherapist. Steven was horrified!!! He carried out several tests and a detailed history and ignored the fact that two X Rays were negative for Fractures at the hospital. I was unsure initially as it did not seem possible that the NHS had got it so wrong. Steven was so adamant to get me walking again that he wrote immediately to my G.P and insisted on an immediate referral to a Private Surgeon (I have medical cover). The surgeon had received a letter from Telford Foot Specialists, detailing that an MRI or Bone Scan were required. The results came back that I had fractured my foot in 3 places. After the event it seemed so very obvious. Steven organised and chased this for little recompense as he could not directly help me, I am very grateful and obviously recommend him.
The Foot Specialists, What can I say? If somebody had told me that I would pay £400 for insoles, I would have laughed. Years of constant back and ankle pain requiring private physio and chiropractic help, led me to see Steven Dowdeswell Podiatrist in Telford. I was referred by my new Physiotherapist after he noted my one hip was lower than the other. Steven specialises in pain in the foot and ankle and pain caused by poor posture and the way in which we walk. Unlike the previous podiatrist that I visited his work is 95% specialist and he runs a National lab and consultancy service the rest of his working time. A series of simple assessments and analysing the way in which I walk quickly identified a true leg length difference of 1cm. Two pairs of Milled Orthotics were provided and within 4 weeks and 2 follow up assessments I was discharged. My back and ankle simply do not hurt. A case of knowing what to and when......Recommended. I have regularly paid more for car repairs!
I called Steven at the Foot Specialists after reading an advert and informative article. I was desperate for help. I could not stand at work past lunch without severe pain and had to switch to slippers regularly. By the evening i was often in despair. The pain to the ball of my foot and toe joints was that bad that surgery had been offered and was all set for a large foot operation in January 2013. Steven quickly diagnosed my problem and detailed a letter to my doctor explaining the damage was mainly soft tissue and would be resolved fairly simply with the correct knowledge and tools! Custom insoles from a scanner have been designed with very up to date software and milled on site with an attention to detail and care that I have not seen before. I was dubious as to how much benefit I would receive given the operation was pending. Initially I was helped a little, over the weeks Steven insisted that I return for adjustments, it took 4 visits and 2 complete alterations to get right but this was all inclusive in the price. Within 7 weeks, pain that had been present for years had reduced dramatically and I can walk and work trouble free, more importantly my Surgery has been cancelled by me as it is not required! I have no idea why this was not advised years ago, preventing the problem from ever arising. I have literally cried with upset when first meeting Steven, I now have nothing but a smile now. Thoroughly recommend, a Clinician that Cares.
The pain in my feet was severe and the ball of my foot even kept me awake on occasion ! I responded to the advert and met Mr Steven Dowdeswell at the Foot Specialists. Steven explained how a lot of the people that i had sought help from had little comparative experience in dealing with foot pain. After i realised that he was a specialist having travelled the country gaining a lot of experience over 12 years and actually owns a Foot Orthotic and Brace lab here in Telford that supplies specialists across the country....I knew i was in safe hands. Using a machine to look at the joints and ligaments of my foot i was quickly diagnosed with some arthritis in my foot and damage to a ligament on the ball of my foot. The cause was the way my foot had worked and moved over the past 50 years! I agreed to have custom insoles designed and crafted by Steven personally. Within a week I hardly noticed any pain at all when standing and walking. Remarkable, my Doctor should have sent me years ago! I have purchased 2 pairs now, highly recommended.
After years of medication and back pain caused by medical conditions and hyper-mobility, I was told that my back, leg and intolerable pain to the feet was here to stay! As a nurse standing for long periods of time I contemplated changing career. I saw an advert offering help with foot pain and called. Steven has guided me well all the way through, he did not promise to cure my discomfort but said that he would help a lot, the cost of the full treatment I considered a lot initially, however I have not looked back! My poor mechanics and foot posture had influenced not only my feet, but legs knees and back. Steven assessed and scanned me fully before manufacturing what I now term:- My new feet. The vast majority of pain has been completely cured and I am so much more comfortable. The Precision Made Orthotics are fantastic value and it seems silly now that I understand the amount of work involved to have though the price was high. Years of Doctors and Consultants have dismissed my pain and now I have easily and simply been helped. I will be purchasing another pair soon.
I Was the 1st Patient to see Steven Dowdeswell at his new clinic in Telford! I have knee pain and my ankle hurt. My balance was also bad. Steven quickly diagnosed a damaged tendon in my ankle. Strengthening and balance exercises helped to start with, but the Custom made inserts made a big difference. It was night and day comparing the difference between these and the rubber insoles my chiropodist had provided. the prescription controls my foot really well and stops the knee and ankle pain. Very comfy and they also fit my shoes! I now have 3 pairs.
Absolutely recommended. The pain in my heel has been cured within 6 weeks as promised. I have suffered for over a year with discomfort that limited my activity and really hurt first thing in the morning! Mr Dowdeswell at The Foot Specialists advised me correctly, diagnosed my problem and treated me with exercises and Precision Made orthotics. The scanning and design software is state of the art and i certainly feel so much better after trying all other forms of physiotherapy, My own Doctor and insoles from the chemist.
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