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Workwear Online is a business dedicated to providing the best quality personalised or custom made workwear and uniforms. Based in Wellington, it is a fast and efficient service for all your safety gear, hi-vis, uniforms and workwear, with a specialist Healthcare department for all nursing uniforms.

School uniforms can be ordered online and if you need to check sizing please give them a call or book online for an appointment.  They are an online business and not a shop, so all orders must be made online.  However, if you need to change your sizes, make a booking through their online portal, where they will be happy to help.  Collection can be made directly from them in Wellington too.

The range of workwear they offer is enormous, ranging from Healthcare professionals, to the Beauty Industry, Hospitality and Corporate attire.  Construction and Trades-people are not left out either, with a huge range of men’s and women’s clothing tailored to fit ensuring that everyone can have a pair of trousers or jacket that fits properly.

Also if you are thinking about kitting out your team, on or off the field, you can be sure that Workwear Online have you covered here too.  They have a range of leisurewear that can be personalised and customised to your specifications.

They offer different types of customisation for your designs, due to their state-of-the-art machinery, they can utilise the best techniques to apply your logo or artwork to a garment of your choice.

Due to the nature of the garment you want customised, some techniques will work best on different types of clothing, down to its weight and construction, Workwear Online can advise you on the best technique for your items, before you choose what application is appropriate.

To help you decide they have some information on each method to make it easier for you to choose.


Direct to garment printing is a digital printing method that allows direct to garment printing. You can print anything you require onto your garments including full-colour photo printing.  DTG Printing offers far superior quality in comparison to full-colour transfer printing. In addition, Workwear Online can offer full-colour printing on any coloured garment, not just white garments.  Why choose DTG Printing? Ideal for small and medium runs, great for multi-coloured prints, similar quality to screen printing and has no screen set-up charges.


Wherever possible direct T Shirt Printing or DTG is always the best option however for shorter runs, transfers can also be used when they offer a much better solution to custom clothing than that of screen printing and within budget requirements. Why choose transfer printing? Lower print runs, low cost, great on bags, express lead times.  Transfer printing is a particularly popular method of decorating baseball caps for example or Hi Visibility waistcoats. Baseball caps are difficult to print well because of the complications in printing on curved surfaces. But transfers for baseball caps can be printed and applied very easily, making perfect, economical promotional items.  Transfers not only offer flexibility, but they give the customer, the chance to try something a little bit different. With vinyl coming in many different special effects; reflective, fluorescent, glitter, foil and metallic. There are also new effects being produced every month! There is always something new and exciting for you to try.



Workwear Online’s reputation is second to none when it comes to embroidering garments. Quality and precision are top of the list when embroidering your garments, our first classic equipment which includes 6 SWF 6 head machines and our experienced staff makes our embroidery department the best in its sector.  How do we embroider your garments?  Two processes, firstly from your artwork we need to digitise your design using Wilcom software. This converts the artwork into a format the embroidery machine will recognise and replicate into stitches on your garment. Secondly, your design is embroidered onto the garment of your choice with your chosen thread and colours. Then it is bagged, packed and shipped to your chosen address. So why choose Workwear Online for your embroidery?  Fast turnaround, competitive pricing, high-quality embroidery, ability to cater for large volumes and our expert and experienced staff.


Why would I choose to have my garments, t-shirts or apparel printed by silk screen method?  Screen Printing is a good solution if you require a large print run over (100+). Screen Printed t shirts wash well and can maintain the print quality for a considerable length of time.  Transfer printing or thermal prints are ok for shorter, smaller runs where the garment is not meant to last long so it’s a much cheaper option.  Stag and Hens normally opt for transfer printing due to quick turnarounds and low costs involved with no set up for screens and ink charges.  Fors: Good for large runs over 100.  Against: Not good for short runs under 50 because of the cost of the screens per colour.

To adhere to our own quality standards, we do not provide embroidery on garments that have a weight under 175gsm (the reason for this is the material is so thin it cannot hold the embroidery and therefore tends to pucker, we don’t offer embroidery on thin garments as it doesn’t give the polished logo appearance that we pride ourselves on). Due to the same reasons, we also do not offer printing via DTG on garments that are 100% Polyester as the fabric cannot hold the print (screen print can be used as an alternative print method – but this service is only available on larger quantity orders of 20 garments and above).

For a professional, exceptional service for all your work-wear, school-wear, team-wear and customised clothing, try Workwear Online.  You won't want to go anywhere else.

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