You for Coffee?
6th March 2014
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Changes announced today are likely to affect the volunteer Coffee shop at Morriston hospital.

The shop has been run by the WRVS for the last sixty years.

The staff are drawn from a pool of volunteers and paid staff and are seen as a vital part of the service that the hospital has to offer.

In addition to a great place for a cuppa the volunteeers also man the ward trolley that does daily rounds of the hospital.

With the big changes that are proposed at the hospital the cafe facility will be put out to tender.

The expectation is that the terms will attract a large chain such as Costas or Starbucks.

The WRVS do not feel they will be able to compete.

They have pointed out however that they provide so much more than a place to buy a coffee.

Over the years they have provided comfort and support for visitors and patients alike.

Whilst no decisions have been made it would be a huge shame if the Hospital Trust could not find a way to accvomodate the volunteers of the WRVS.

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