Will coastguard changes affect safety on the coast around Swansea
10th September 2014
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Rationalisation of the Coastguard service will see the closure of the coastguard station at Swansea.

Changes to the Coastguard operation will see a number of Coastguard stations in the West country close over the next few months.

Swansea will also close in March of next year.

The authorities claim that the changes are overdue and will result in a much improved service with centralisation at one location in Hampshire.

Local seafarers and fishermen are not convinced and feel that safety at sea will be compromised.

The Coastguard Service claim that coverage will not be affected and response times to reported incidents will not change.

It is a shame that local representation will be lost but as long as safety of the public and those venturing onto the water is not prejudiced then presumably the change will be okay.


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