Where do you see Dylan Thomas's place?
17th September 2014
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Is Dylan Thomas a son of Swansea or a resident of Laugharne?

Of course the famous poet and hell raiser has strong associations with both places.

And both towns claim to best represent one of the world's best known modern poets.  

In Laugharne there is the famous boat house where in latter years he did his writing.

He set one of his most performed and best known works -Under Milkwood loosely on the town and Laugharne's characters of the time.

But Swansea was where he was born and where he wrote the vast majority of his work.

Swansea is also the home to a permanent tribute to his life and work.

On balance therefore Swansea has probably got the greatest call on making Dylan Thomas a part of it's fabric in this his centenary year.

But we would say that wouldn't we?!

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