Welsh Government pursues e smokers
2nd April 2014
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Swansea like other cities in Wales has benefited from the smoking ban.

One of the things that has helped people to kick the habit has been the growth in sales of e cigarettes.

These are not banned in public places - yet.

The Welsh government is now looking to change this.

The feeliing is that while e cigarettes are useful in reducing the reliance on smoking they still deliver nicotine to the body.

This is highly addictive and opinion is that these also should not be encouraged in public places.

Even though they do not present an issue for other people unlike the effects of passive smoke.

If the law is changed e smokers could be banished to designated smoking areas with traditional smokers.

The arguments against this are that this will hardly encourage people to give up completely and more likely go back to smoking traditional cigarettes.

This is an interesting debate where I am sure lots of people have very strong views

What do Swansea people think?

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