Want a big breakfast - get to Swansea!
20th November 2014
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Swansea has just earned another gastronomic accolade - best for breakfast in Great Britain!

The city has been more people voting a cooked breakafast the best meal tahn anywhere else.

Everyone enjoys a cooked breakfast ( occassionally!) but the wide variety on offer in Swansea evidently tipped the scales.

These included a huge meal served up at the Uplands Diner which is renowned by locals and students alike especially with their mionster offering - the beast which includes 10 rashers, 8 sausages and five eggs all on one plate ( with lots of everything else including chips!!)

There is also recognition for the less challenging but perhaps more delicate including local laverbread and cockles on the menu for a traditional Welsh version. 

So a good place that serves up great grub! 

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