Trial Bike nuisance around Swansea ?
10th September 2014
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Are you seeing off road bikes on public places around Swansea?

Apparently there is a growth in the number of these bikes appearing in open spaces around the city.

Nobody is saying that people (normally youngsters) should not be able to enjoy the countryside which we are lucky enough to have in abundance right on our doorstep in Swansea.

However some riders through inconsiderate actions are affecting other people's enjoyment.

The bikes are being ridden through parks and over private property.

They are riding amongst walkers sometimes with pets and young children - and that is just dangerous.

Also they are on the public roads and that could cause a more serious incident if they were the cause of an accident.

So a little more responsibility about wher and how you ride and evrybody will (mostly) be happy.

The police are now keeping an eye out for antisocial bikers and do have the power to stop and ultimately confiscate a bike if they deem the rider to be a persistent nuisance.

The answer is to have fun but be more considerate! 

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