Tidal Lagoon
21st January 2014
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First details of the proposed Visitor Centre for the Tidal Lagoon have been made public.

The Tidal Lagoon is intended to provide a sustainable and renewable source of energy for the Swansea Bay area.

The project is a mammoth civil engineering feat that if it comes to fruition will provide a massive investment into the local economy as well as seeing Swansea lead the way in tidal technology.

The visitor centre will provide cultural and educational facilities as well as being a leisure attraction.

It will in addition to providing a cafe also be a vantage point to see the whole lagoon .

The centre will have a glass floor in order that the public will be able to see the turbines that will generate electricity.

The centre will be built at th end of the seawall and will be accessible by foot,bike and electric bus.

This will be a fab project that really needs to be brought to life - Swansea needs this!

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