The Origins of Halloween
26th October 2013
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Believe it or not the origins are claimed to lie within Christian festivals and celebrations.

This is slightly at odds with the films that we are used to seeing at this time of the year.

The influences are said to be linked with the celebration of gathering in the harvest.This could be where there may be pagan links - celebrating the bounty of the land.

There are direct links to Glamorgan - if not specifically Swansea, where the Welsh festival of Calan Gaeaf was celebrated. This marked the end of Harvest and the beginning of Winter.

More spookily this was supposed to be the time when ghosts and fairies appeared. To appease them if they came knocking they were offered food or treats.

This is probably where the idea of dressing up and painting faces or wearing masks to scare your friends came from.

Of course these days its an excuse for a party,visiting scary places,watching horror films and telling ghost stories.

So there you have it. Halloween is not just a series of American horror films but has its roots very close to home.

Even Scarier!!

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