The Liberty Stadium Business Show
16th September 2009
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It is the night before the Liberty Stadium Business show.  We have banners, we have literature, we have smartly ironed shirts and shiny shoes....but what else do you need to get a success from an exhibition?


More than anything the most important thing to remember whenever you are preparing for any form of exhibition ( even if you are meeting a client for the first time ) you are showcasing who you are and what it is you offer!  Preparing with the right mental mindset it the way forward to ensure you are not flustered and panicked when you meet the client or prospective client for the first time.

I am no stranger to exhibitions, in fact some people say I am an exhibitionist! Truth is that I start each day with the attitude that no matter what happens today I am going to keep a positive attitude......keep smiling.

If you are new to exhibitions, then come along to thebestofswansea stand ( number 27 ) tomorrow and I will take you round and introduce you to some friendly people who were in the same position as you....but are now seasoned professionals!

See you all there....remember thebestofswansea are on stand 27

Until next time, take care and keep smiling

Matt - thebestofswansea

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