Swansea to welcome driverless cars?
31st July 2014
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As part of the Government's initiative to drive the UK forward to the cutting edge of the latest technologies they want driverless cars on our roads within a year.

Local authorities are to be asked to confirm that they will agree to driverless cars to be allowed to operate within their communities.

This will also be the case with Swansea.

The cars have been developed by Google and have clocked up thousands of development miles in the US.

We are assured that the technology will be very safe.

Even so the sight of a car with no one behind the wheel ( correction there will be no wheel!) will take a lot of getting used to.

Also it's one thing operating in the wide open spaces of a technology park in southern California and quite another in the stop start on Oystermouth Road negotiating traffic bollards and temporary lights as you cope with even more roadworks!

Although it's early days you just feel that it will create problems for the existing longsuffering motorists of Swansea.

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