Swansea Market
9th May 2014
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Interesting to see some great history of Swansea Market which has not always been on the present site.

Whilst the Market has been in and around the present site for about 200 years prior to this there was an open air market dating back to medieval times in the Castle Square.

This was essentially a produce market with local farmers and landowners selling their crops direct to the public.

The market went through a series of developments before moving to a site in Oxford Street in the mid 19th century.

By early 1900's the market was walled as well as roofed and this location continued to develop with over 650 stalls plying their trade in the 1920's.

The market building took a direct hit from incendiary bombs that destroyed it completely during the Second World War.

The market continued partly within the near by bus station but also on the rubble strewn former site with temporary huts in place for many years.

By 1961 a new purpose built structure was erected that you see today.

This is the largest covered market in Wales.

Fascinating stuff. 


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