Swansea Market has got Laverbread and Cockles back on the menu
27th May 2014
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Get down to Swansea Market for your Laverbread and Cockles!

The issue about food safety is well and truly over. 

All the seafood sold at Swansea Market has had the all clear.

There was a scare a few months ago when a possible link between the seafood and salmonella was made. 

This was disproved but some customers were still put off. 

Thankfully they are now returning - as they should!

The market which is famous the world over for it's sales of Laverbread is keen to tell all their new and existing customers that their products are as safe as ever.

And anyway how can you have a traditional Swansea Welsh breakfast without laverbread?!

Get back to buying in Swansea Market! 

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