Swansea libraries start to feel the budget pinch
18th November 2014
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Smaller libraries in Swansea are starting to feel the effects of the council's efforts to save public money.

Pennard library which has been the subject of a lot of community interest has had a temporary stay of execution from closure.

Locals have been campaigning for the right to take over their local library and did think that they had a strong case.

However they now feel that the council are being unreasonable in their demands on the community.

Maintaining a service is one thing but entering into an agreement to redevelop is another .

The council feel that the Pennard locals have not put forward firm enough proposals for it to move on.

Is this the right way to go?

Shouldn't certain things like libraries be always under the control of the local authority with a requirment that the council has to maintain the service?

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