Swansea iconc music venue closes after 30 years
30th May 2014
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Swansea 's Oceana Nightclub complex is closing this weekend.

Whilst this is the latest incarnation of what a lot of more mature people will remember as the Top Rank it is still a very famous landmark venue on Swansea's Kingsway.

The huge entertainment complex which has a capacity for 3000 customers has suffered from dwindling patronage.

Some will say that with the majority of bars and entertainment venues concentrated on Wind Street that Oceana was out on a limb.

Additionally venues of such a size have astronomical overheads meaning that anything less than operating at full capacity will always cause big headaches for the operators.

Hopefully someone will see the potential and take on the business quickly as the Kingsway does not need to lose any more businesses.

Apart from that a lot of people in Swansea will be very sad to see the demise of such a place.


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