Swansea council on the move?
31st October 2014
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The idea of selling off the Swansea Civic Buildings continue to gather momentum.

Swansea council still have a huge budget deficit to address and whilst cuts to services now appear unavoidable they are looking for a large one off injection of cash into the council coffers.

The Civic building in a truly enviable situation on the seafront could fit the bill.

A lot of developer interest has been shown in the site and this could translate into the cash the hard pressed council needs to balance the books.

The council are rumoured to be looking atalternative sites for their workforce - apparently there are options within the city in some vacant office space.

If it provides the solution to the financial headache then this may be a good outcome.

The only thing to remember is that in future if we get into this mess again we wont have a prize asset to sell to bale us out.

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