Swansea council may have a rethink about playing field sell off
8th October 2014
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The new leadership at Swansea council have been persuaded to have a rethink about the sale of playing fields.

The original proposal came about as a result of the huge budget cuts that the council in Swansea have to implement if they are to make a dent in the £70 million they have to save over the next three years.

The plan was always a controversial one with many people feeling that this really was like selling the family silver.

Once these open spaces were sold especially for housing they would be lost for ever as amenity sites for people to enjoy.

Objectors in Pontarddulais have been successful in persuading the leader of the council to come and see for himself what is proposed.

He has now agreed to look once more at the plans.

the only thing is he still has a major headache ahead if he is to get the books to balance.

That can only be achieved by selling off, cutting the services that the council provide or by raising coucil taxes and local charges.

All these proposals will hit Swansea locals hard.

A tough decision lies ahead. 


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