Swansea council asking you what you need from a local authority
10th November 2014
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Swansea city council are to ask local tax payers what they are looking for in terms of services and facilities.

You will be asked what you think the priorities should be.

The council have just seen a further reduction in Assembly funding for the coming year and as we have been told all along we can't have everything.

There have been proposals to cut and close residential homes.

A plan was put forward to sell off school playing fields for building houses.

The latest is for the council to move out of the Civic Centre and find alternative office accomodation again selling off the site for development.

It's easy to say that we need to keep all the services but if we can't afford them then some things need to go.

On the other hand the Council saying to tax payers tell us what you want to cut is a little unfair.

We don't know all the facts and all the impact of such decisions.

The council have been elected to best make those decisions on the tax payers behalf.



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