Swansea college success in finding brain boxes!
28th May 2014
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Gower College in Swansea celebrates it's continuing success in sending students to Oxford and Cambridge.

Another nine students were successful last year in gaining places at Oxbridge.

Where a lot of schools and colleges in Wales are continuing to struggle to identify the very best students and get them into the UK's premier learning establishments Gower College in Swansea is bucking the trend.

The success has been attributed to the fact that the college has a programme of identifying the very best GCSE students and encouraging them to consider aiming for the very best further education opportunities.

They run an Oxbridge awareness course making their students more savvy about their futures.

This is fantastic support and can only benefit the local communities as well as the students.

Really well done to the successful nine students and to the college for identifying and supporting them. 
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