Swansea clubbers to embark on an Odyssey
15th July 2014
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Following the demise of Oceana a new nightclub - Odyssey will open in Swansea.

The new club with a capacity of 1700 will open soon taking on 60 people.

Odyssey will open just off Wind Street - smack in the middle of all the action.

This was always the contention with Oceana that being on the Kingsway it was away from the main hub of Swansea nightlife.

it's great to see that an entertainment venue has opened in Swansea and that it has provided much needed jobs.

It just seems a shame that there will be a huge vacant building on the Kingsway where there seems a reluctance to invest for the future.

As an aside the traffic turmoil on the Kingsway doesn't endear itself to incoming investors or retailers.

This part of the city urgently needs adressing before it is too late.


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