Swansea City Council new look - new priorities?
17th September 2014
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With a new look at the top of Swansea City Council there is an interest by residents to see what are the prioities?

The new leader has said that he sees renewed efforts to secure a coherent plan for city centre development and rejuvenation ?

He does have the huge headache of trying to find a means to fill a £70 million blackhole in the council finances over th enext three years.

This will still mean that costs including charges for basic services will have to rise as will a cut in the quality and amount of those services.

That being said the need to see a strategy of reinvestment in th ecity centre is crucial.

We have one of the best waterfront locations and situated at the gateway to one of the most beautiful areas of countryside and should really be capitalising more.

With everyone pulling together we can improve matters hugely.

But we do need to have one voice and th eneed of small local retailers and employers is absolutely key. 

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