Swansea Brains
7th December 2013
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Great piece in the news today highlighting some of the 'brains' of Swansea .

We have heard recently about the huge investment in the University with the development of the Bay campus.

Also the Gates foundation supporting research by a Swansea professor into killer diseases in Africa.

But did you know that work on anti matter ( once the stuff of Doctor Who and Star Trek) at the Cern facility in Switzerland is supported by Swansea Professors Mike Charlton and Niels Madsen.

A scientist born in Swansea - Sir William Grove mooted the idea of the Hydrogen fuel cell in 1839.This was nearly 50 years before the car was invented.

Interestingly General Motors the giant American car company has announced that they will be developing a similar fuel cell with Honda.

They should have come to Swansea - they would have probably done it at least 50 years ago if they'd been here!!

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