Swansea Bay Lagoon - impact on the environment ?
28th July 2014
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Concerns have been raised that the Swansea Bay Lagoon may have adverse effects on the environment.

With the likely changes to water levels there have been fresh fears raised about the likelihood of an increased flooding risk.

In addition there are claims that natural habitats for animals and birds will be lost.

Balanced against this view is of course the huge economic benefits that such a largescale priject will bring.

there will be jobs created both in the construction and the n the operational phases.

The site will in addition to being a spectacular engineering feat will also be a huge tourist draw.

Neither should anyone lose sight of the objective - sustainable green energy production.

Of course the environmental concerns must be addressed but surely these can be sorted out in such a way that this exciting project for Swansea has a chance to succeed.


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