Swansea a booming tourist hotspot
15th July 2014
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Figures released have shown that Swansea is a booming magnet for tourism

The estimate is that tourism contributed over £300 million to the local economy.

Swansea's cotinued success in the Premier League has had a huge impact drawing visitors from all parts of the UK.

In the last year of course this has also included a lot of visitors from abroad with the recent Europa cup foray.

The University also plays a large part with foreign students enjoying Swansea's unique seaside campus.

This of course will be further enhanced with the opening of the new facilities on Fabian Way.

The Gower is an enduring draw for visitors from near and far to it's award winning beaches and fabulous countryside.

The future includes the possibility of the construction of the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon.

This project both in the construction phase and when it becomes operational will be a massive draw for more visitors to Swansea.


All good news!!  

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