Stay Safe at Halloween
26th October 2009
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Halloween night is supposed to be a time of fun and frolics for all the family, but we must all remember that there are safety tips which you need to ensure your children are aware of.  Here are 10 top safety tips from thebestofswansea.

1.  Children should ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult, preferably their parent or someone who is known to the child, it is important that your child listens to the adult who is accompanying them.

2.  Children should always be seen, so give your child a glow stick or a torch and explain to them how and why they should use them.

3.  Tell your children that they should NEVER go inside another person's home, they are to remain outside of the front door in a well lit area.

4.  Let your children know that they are not allowed to eat any sweets until they get home.  This will allow you time to check that all of the sweets are sealed and haven't been tampered with.

5.  Children should always be in groups or pairs and should never walk around alone.

6.  Plan the route with your child and ensure that there are a few points along the way where you can meet up if you do get seperated.

7.  When buying costumes and planning your route, remember that a toilet stop will most likely be needed! Avoid complex and difficult costumes. Try to plan to visit a friend half way round.

8.  If your child's costume has a mask, ensure that the mask fits properly and that they can see and breathe properly, cut bigger holes if you need to.  Why no consider face paints and hats as a better alternative.

9.  Go over the dangers of strangers and tell your children that they must NEVER get into a car with strangers.

10. Children need to always be in well lit areas, they need to stay on the pavement and not take any shortcuts through any dimly lit areas.

Remember to be safe this Halloween, if a house looks empty, dont bother knocking as you will be disturbing the owners, normally if someone wants you to come to their door they will have an outside light on or some decorations up.

Have fun, be safe, don't get too scared!!!!!!

All the best


PS - if you have any more tips, please add them.


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