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17th March 2014
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You are never stumped for choice when it comes to choosing a restaurant in the heart of Swansea. Of late, the city centre has become a little saturated with varying degrees of Indian and Chinese restaurants.

Don't get me wrong, they are British institution by now, they regular haunt of many a merry group fuelling up for a night on the town or even soaking one up in the early hours.

Of course, you then have the generic chains of big brand restaurants and pubs offering a pint with practically everything possible.

Scratching around for somewhere to eat on Christmas Eve just gone, we decided to give Awa, on College Road, a stones throw from Wind Street a try. 

Awa, a Lebanese influenced restaurant, authentic to its heritage from the staff through to it's no alcohol policy. Believe me when I say you won't miss your tipple with your meal when you sample what this gold mine of taste has to offer.

The group platter is a treat, a decadent serving of all things Lebanese. The platter is piled with a base of fries and boiled, curried rice. Atop this you will find chillies, lamb, chicken in all manner of herbs and spices. A Moorish delight.

There may not be any form of your favourite poison to wash it all down with but Awa offers an exotic array of fresh juice cocktails and milkshakes. They are just as good as the food so you won't care one bit.

Finally, something a little different comes to town. 



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