Should Swansea council step in to save derelict property?
15th August 2014
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Swansea City Council have said that they will look to get a property in Morriston sold to defray the cost of making it safe.

Danbert House which is derelict but listed has had thousands of pounds of ratepayers money spent on keeping it safe including making essential repairs to save the fabric.

Apparenty the owners do not live in the country and appear to want nothing to do with the property.

The building was last used as an Employment Office but has been empty and falling into decay for some time.

Whilst it is a good thing that Swansea council are looking to get their money back by threatening to sell presumably the property will have a limited market as it is listed.

This asks the question why are there so many listed buildings?

Obviously we need to retain our heritage but there should be a limit especially when the burden falls on the Council ( the ratepayers) who have limited funds and are expected to make swingeing savings over the next few years.

Some things don't make any sense at all.


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