Shellfish festival time in Swansea bay
7th October 2014
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The annual celebration of all things oyster comes to Swansea bay once more.

The third Mumbles Oyster and Seafood festival will take place in Mumbles between the 16th and 19th October.

Oysters some say are an acquired taste are now regarded as a luxury food not least beacuse of their cost.

back in the heyday of the oyster fishing industry they were a working mans staple diet and millions were harvested from the beds off Swansea bay.

This of course was one of the reasons for their demise as over fishing decimated the stock for good.

The business is starting to see a return and to promote this the festival organisers are hoping that loads of people will make the efffort to come to Mumbles to enjoy the entertainment, cookery demos and most of all try an oyster!  

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