Severe winter weather and your car
15th November 2013
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With the dire predictions of severe winter weather its worth just recapping on some basic precautions if you do have to be mobile in the snow and ice.

Tyres - get them checked they need to be correctly inflated and with adequate tread.

Brakes - are they working properly try them in the dry. If you are uncertain then get them checked.

Oil - make sure there's enough in the engine. Oil doesn't work as well in the cold as in warm weather so it needs to be up to the job.

Have you got antifreeze in the coolant?If not get it done.

Does your heater work?

Make sure that you carry a torch,warm coat,scraper de icer, water and keep some snacks ( but don't eat them - they are for that emergency!!)

Carry a tow rope.

Most of these jobs are straightforward.If you need help your local garage will happily sort the mechanical jobs for you.

Remember better safe than sorry.

Finally if the weather is really bad you don't need to to make the journey at all!!

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