No more bets please = in Swansea!
6th November 2014
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The city council have endorsed their own policy of not granting further gaming licenses in Swansea.

the existing casino / gaming licenses stay in force but they have resolved not to issue new ones.

The fundamental issue is that they encourage deprivation and poverty - something that thecouncil have agreed is a priority to tackle.

However if there is a need in the city then further licensing can bring in new jobs and revenues to the city.

It seems academic as the last casino to open closed two years ago with the loss of nearly 100 jobs.

Also there is an argument that with online gaming the issue of gambling is actually home based and a council ruling like this does not really make much difference.

Tough call but probably with all that is occupying the council - budget cuts, cuts to services and the possible sale of the 'crown jewels' - (civic buildings) not really a priority I would have thought.

Especially as there does not seem to be a queue of operators trying to get a casino license in the city.

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