Nice new art for Swansea Marina
21st November 2014
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We are to get a new art installation in Swansea Marina.

Apparently a piece of modern art constructed out of stainless steel has been commissioned and will be placed in th ewaters of the marina.

It has been designed by an artist based in a Finnish University.

There are several pieces of art work being contemplated to finish off the boulevard where it meets the waterfront.

However whilst this will undoubtedly raise the profile of this gateway to Swansea some will say this is not where the focus now needs to be.

High Street is now getting attention but is it very late in the day?

This is the other major route to the city with the railway station bringing in visitors to Swansea.

Their first taste is not perhaps what we would wish and therefore lshould any prettification not take place there as a priority?

The coucil does also need to be aware that public opinion runs high when it sees money being found for these projects at a time when services are under threat. 

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