Mummy's Secrets Finally Revealed
8th May 2014
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A mummified body in the Swansea University Egypt Collection has finally given up it's secrets.

The permanent display in Swansea University has included a mummified body.

This is believed to date from 600BC.

The only problem has been conclusive proof to confirm the artefact's authenticity. 

The University's display includes pieces from a collection that numbers over 5000 items. 

Whilst an x ray examination was previously carried out by Singleton Hospital this only led to speculation that the item was a forgery. 

Now a more sophisticated CT scan has been completed and this now establishes that the item is genuine. 

It appears to be the remains of a baby with beads and bracelets wrapped up in side the cloth.

The speculation is that this was a tragic early death that was buried with care and compassion.

A very sad story but nevertheless a fascinating one.


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