Mumbles put's forward idea to help Swansea council finances
13th November 2014
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A Mumbles community group have aired proposals to take over the running and improvement of Underhill Park from Swansea city Council.

The suggestions were put forward to interested parties and the public at a meeting in Mumbles this week.

Basically in return for a long lease the group will manage the playing fields and changing facilities also investing in improvements that the community can enjoy.

The alternative is the possibility that services will be scaled back and overdue repairs and renewals may be shelved indefinitely as the council looks to prioritise where money will be spent in the next few years.

There was a lot of enthusiasm for the project but this was tempered with caution as a lot of detail needs to be mulled over including finances of the improvements as well as the likely terms of any lease that the council may impose.

Sounds great especially with local empowerment seen to be in action. 

Good luck Mumbles! 

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