More speed cameras on the approach to Swansea
24th October 2014
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The latest speed cameras are now becoming more and more common on the approaches to Swansea.

There are average speed cameras on Fabian Way that will check your speed over a fixed distance rather than a fixed point.

This is designed to calm and slow traffic rather than see the braking and speeding up by drivers who are aware of fixed cameras and modify their driving as they appraoch them.

Undoubtedly they are more advavnced in the way that they affect driver actions but do they really cut accidents?

In this day and age there are so many other distractions for drivers with sophisticated in car entertainment as well as the mobile phone albeit banned from use if you are moving.

Some will also claim that this is a more hi tech system to catch drivers who I agree may be braking the limit.

Anyway the new systems come into force shortly as does the new set up as you negotiate the motorway through Port Talbot.

Be careful!  

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