More change for Swansea Kingsway
29th October 2014
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The latest proposal is for a 20mph speed limit on the Swansea Kingsway.

This has been suggested as a measure to cut the number accidents including fatalities to pedestrians over recent years.

Whilst the proposal has been tentatively welcomed by traders in the city centre the wider issue of road use on the Kingsway still needs to be looked at in detail.

The problems stem from the confusing road signage and traffic flow meaning that pedestrians do not know where to look when crossing the road.

Added to this drivers especially those less familiar with the city centre do not know lwhat lane to be in.

A lot of people want to see a return to normal two way traffic.

The tradrers who remain on the Kingsway would just like to see a traffic system that no longer intimidates pedestrians and drivers and encourages both to use the Kingsway with confidence.

But that will be a long time coming ...


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