Moemories of the First World War in Swansea Gallery
8th July 2014
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A picture that reminds people of the time that Swansea supported Belgian evacuees is on display in Swansea's Glynn Vivian Gallery.

Refugees from Belgium arrived in Britain following the outbreak of the First World War.

Several thousand arrived in Britain and settled in various parts.

Over six hundred arrived in Swansea.

While in several places there was suspicion and resistance to the incomers this was evidently not the case in Swansea.

In fact it appears that they were welcomed with open arms.

Of course it was not the first time that there was an influx of Belgians into Swansea.

Back in the 19th century the fledgling copper industry which grew up around Swansea found a pressing need for expert craftsmen.

it turns out that this expertise was found in Belgium and was attracted over to Swansea to work.

The picture in the Glynn Vivian Gallery was a present from the Belgium government to the people of Swansea for the hospitality that they displayed during World War One.

Nice story and more to the point Belgians appreciate the Welsh and more specifically the Swansea hospitality.


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