Litter sorted in Swansea?
23rd September 2014
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Have the new litter wardens sorted out the Swansea litter problem?

Since they have been patrolling our city centre streets the Swansea litter wardens have issues nearly 3500 fines to transegressors.

The big clean up started last September and while overall a success has not been without it's controversial moments.

Recently a fixed penalty notice was issued to a city centre resident who put out bread for the birds.

The council's response was unrepentent saying that encouraging birds especially seagulls was a nuisance that the wardens were indirectly helping to control.

In addition to the penalties the wardens are issuing warnings to people in the hope that they will think twice about their behaviour.

They are targetting people who drop litter discard food and fail to clear up dog mess.

So far fifty people have appeared in court for failing to pay their fine.

Provided this does not turn into an over zealous exercise upsetting visitors then the initiative should be applauded.

Keep Swansea clean! 

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