It feels like being in a sci fi film in Swansea
18th September 2014
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First it was giant jelly fish in Swansea now there is talk of an invasion of giant spiders.

The unseasonably warm weather is really welcomed by most people but it has had some interesting side effects.

Firstly there were the return of giant jelly fish to both Swansea and Gower beaches.

Now it seems that the warmth has created ideal conditions for spiders to thrive and grow larger than normal.

The reason is that the weather has meant that there has been an abundant supply of food for the spiders and in turn they have multiplied.

whilst it is warm in the day it is getting chillier at night and the spiders are looking for places to keep warm.

The obvious places are our homes and hence the fact that we are seeing more of the creatures lurking in corners of our rooms.

They are harmless and should be left alone to enjoy the remains of a cracking spell of weather!

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