Is the Civic Centre move in Swansea starting?
13th November 2014
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Apparently the first moves have been started to shift Councillors and officers from the civic Centre to the Swansea Guildhall.

The refurbished Guildhall is set to become the focus for the council in 2015.

This will mean that council meetings will take place there with all senior staff also being located there.

Obviously this will raise questions over the future of the Civic Centre which in addition to housing the bulk of the council office staff also has the main city library.

If there is to be a sell off of the Civic Building then this will need to be made public at the same time as the plans to relocate the jobs and services.

If not there will presumably be additional costs of keeping the two sites as working offices with all the likely disruption to local taxpayers that that might mean. 

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