Is Llanelli to join with Swansea as a future mega town?
21st November 2014
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With plans to encourage local authorities to merge in an effort to save money a proposal has been put out there to see not only Llanelli but also the Neath Port Talbot area join with Swansea.

The idea is not as strange as it first seems.

There are historic rivalries between Llanelli and Swansea possibly more to do with sport ( rugby) than anything else but there are also very obvious similarities too.

All the areas have a heritage steeped in heavy industry and all have seen a dramatic decline over the last fifty years.

Llanelli is alrady part of the Swansea Bay area and logically any future regeneration and investment plans should be viewed as one.

Carmarthenshire which includes Llanelli at present is far more rural county and will presumably look to Cardiganshire and Pembroke if it is to merge as part of it's long term future.

Interesting times!

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