Is it still raining?
26th October 2013
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The Met office has issued a yellow weather warning for what may be the the worst storms to hit Swansea for 20 years.

There may be very strong winds with some predictions that they may gust to 90 miles per hour. That is certainly strond enough to cause damage.

Also there is the considerable risk of flooding.

Its important that everyone takes precautions and these could be

1) Don't venture out in severe weather unless it's absolutely necessary

2) Keep an eye on rising water levels and protect your property.

3) Make sure that elderly neighbours are allright.This may include seeing that the power supply is on and that they have basic provisions.

4) Don't go down to watch the sea - its dangerous!

5) Make sure your pets are safe and are not left out in severe weather.

This is all common sense. If we all take as many precautions as possible we will get through this unscathed.

For information on Flood Warnings call the Floodline 0845 9881188.

Good luck.

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