Introducing BubbleSqueak
7th July 2009
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The Best of Swansea are proud to support BubbleSqueak, we will have far more information over the next few weeks, here is the introduction from their website

Bubble Squeak - The Story Behind The Idea 

One of the James Good Limited team members was experiencing financial difficulties, mainly due to the fact that her boyfriend was struggling to find work. In an attempt to help her, I sat and thought to myself, 'what would I do if I were out of work, couldn't find a job and had a family to support?' The answer was simple, I would grab a bucket and hit the streets, cleaning cars and working hard to do everything I could to pay the bills and feed my family.

We discussed this in more detail and thought that we could design a logo, design a flyer, get her boyfriend a uniform and give him the confidence to actually get out and earning by making it feel like a proper little business. We started talking with the rest of the team and this led to the suggestion of creating a website and allowing my team member to take some time out of her day to do a some telesales to try to secure some corporate clients. 

We got a little excited (as we do) and the idea started to get bigger and bigger. After further discussion, we thought... if this idea can help one person, why don't we roll it out across the nation... allowing anyone to benefit from a free-to-use brand, the website, the uniform and the marketing materials. We thought we could turn this simple idea into a national network of independent car cleaners that all share the same brand and therefore look more like a collaborative and organised effort. We wanted to make it feel like a big company, try to remove the barrier of unprofessionally knocking doors and give individuals the confidence to actually make this work.

On Thursday 21st of May, James Good Limited saw the opportunity to do something big and utilise our experience and expertise for the greater good. Immediately we downed tools and set to work on creating everything and making this idea happen. We're still working now.

James Good MCSD Creative Director - James Good Limited

For further information please visit our website or contact James Good, Kathy Whitehead or Louise Neale on 020 8816 7717.

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