How to drive safely during a flood
21st November 2009
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As the weather forecasts more rain on the horizon, weather warnings are being issued in Wales with flooding being expected. Unless your journey is essesntial you should not drive.  However, if you are caught in a floods whilst in your car, follow these simple steps.

Firstly, stay tuned to your local radio station (Bay Radio in Swansea) for up to date information.

- If the flood is localised, plan a different route to avoid the affected area.

- Never drive through flood water without knowing how deep it is.  As a general rule, if you cannot see the ground under the water, do not enter! The flood water could be far deeper than you imagine as flood water can wash away roads.

- Check the depth of the flood water before driving through; it only takes 24inches (2 foot) of flood water to float a car away.  If water reaches to the bottom of your door, there is a chance it could get into your engine, leading to stalling and engine damage.

- If you do need to drive through the flood water, drive slowly.  Put your vehicle into 1st gear and maintain a very slow, steady speed.  Don't be tempted to drive through quickly as you will create a bow wave which will cause you to lose control and then come to a complete stop.

- If your vehicle does cut out in deep water, get out of your car and get to higher ground.  Do not attempt to restart the engine, as this could cause permanant damage to the engine.  Your car can be towed out later on.  Many flood related fatalities are due to the fact that people stay in their cars.

There are more tips available on the NFU Mutual website.

Drive safe

Matthew & thebestofswansea team.

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