How safe is the electrical wiring in your home?
14th November 2009
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How safe is the electrical wiring in your home?

In less time that you think, the electrics in your home can become worn or damaged through general wear and tear.  It is very important to get your wiring inspected and tested to ensure that they are safe to use. 

You should get your wiring checked at set intervals.  If the electrics in your propery have been checked at some point in the past, you should have a notice fixed near your fuse box recommending when the next inspection is due.

Government statistics show that unsafe electrical installations are the cause of more than 750 serious accidents and around 12,500 house fires every year.  If you are moving house, you need to know about the safety of the electrics in your new home.  Be extra cautious if the property is old as it is much more likely to have faulty wiring.  Never put your life or investment at risk, call Mr Electric of Swansea today on 01792 359 360 and arrange an electrical survey before you sign the paperwork on your new home.

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