How do you want Swansea to be different?
17th December 2014
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The public are being asked how they want their Swansea to look in the future.

A consultation process is taking place where locals and visitors are being asked for their views on what needs to chamge (or not) in the city centre.

Suggestions have included the use of vacant shops for alternative use.

Space made available for street entertainment.

All these ideas will be considered by the council.

However we have seen exercises like this in the past and the reality is that the town has suffered and continues to suffer as a result of mistakes in traffic flows, parking arrangements and the proliferation of city outskirts retail development.

The key to the city regeneration is access by car bus and foot linked to ease of setting up a shop without onerous rent and business rate burdens.

More entrepreneurs will then have a go at doing it for themselves and this will naturally see other activity and attractions follow.

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