Gower coastguard busy around Swansea
10th September 2014
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An RAF helicopter was scrambled from it's North Devon base to assist in a rescue on Gower.

The Gower coastline to the west of Swansea is famous both for being beautiful and somtimes quite dangerous.

Earlier this week a man fell near Worm's Head at Rhossili.

This is a place which is very popular with walkers but can be treacherous.

Apparently the man fell 100 feet down the cliff face and the only means of getting him to safety was by helicopter.

Whilst he survived the fall with broken bones it does show that even experienced walkers need to take extra care.

Especially with a period of really nice weather such as now when perhaps people are tempted to venture out wearing unsuitable clothing and footwear.

Enjoy the countryside but be careful.  


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