Give us our sticks back!
20th March 2014
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Swansea Council makes an urgent plea for the return of Walking Sticks.

Swansea residents are being urged to search their cupboards sheds and garages for no longer needed medical equipment.

The council are looking for the return of everything from specialised beds and mobility equipment as well as more mundane walking sticks.

These are items that are handed out to people via social services but are not always returned when no longer needed.

In these financially difficult times the council are making an appeal for the return for items however long ago they were last used  (with no questions asked!).

I think that it is right that this appeal is made and that residents respond to the call.

I also think however that the council should perhaps have a more robust way of tracking and recording where these items are handed out to and to who.

Contact 01792 512240

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