Drain covers disappearing in Swansea
25th November 2009
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Drain Grates and Manhole covers are disappearing all over Swansea!

In the last week, 23 drain grates and manholes have gone missing from roads in swansea.  More than 85 in total have gone missing recently with at least 10 taken from a section of the Kingsway in a single day.

Swansea Council have urged road users to take extra care and to report any missing drain grates or manhole covers to the Highways Department immediately on their freephone number 0800 123 081.

Swansea council's head of transport Carl Humphrey said: "Recently this type of theft has become more prolific and we are concerned that missing drain covers could damage vehicles or even cause an injury to a pedestrian."

With the increased levels of rain, our roads are getting dangerous enough without the fear of falling down an open drain when driving through what appears to be a large puddle.

If you have noticed a drain grate of manhole cover missing in your street, please call the Highways Department straight away on freephone number 0800 123 081

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