Do we really need tp talk pollution in Swansea ?
20th November 2014
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Apparently car drivers are causing pollution levels to rise to unacceptable levels in Swansea - according to monitors and meters that will flag up alternate routes around the city.

Signs that will inform drivers that pollution is rising will suggest alternative routes are due to .go live shortly.

The question is will people take note?

Also at times of high pollution - presumably at rush hour are the alternatives viable and will it just shift the problem?

Surely the cause here is the fact that Swansea city traffic does not flow freely.

This is caused by natural factors where the city is and the way it has evolved and the interference over the years by peole who try to 'improve' city centre access.

In addition of course I thought that when we are trying to attract visitors to Swansea do we need to be highlighting congestion and pollution? 

You do wonder if now is the time to tell tax payers that they will be better off taking a diversion rather than telling them that vital services are under threat as a result of lack of money.


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